Statement of Purpose

 The Greater  Holy  Temple  Church of God in Christ has been called to proclaim the gospel ministry for the holy man.  This includes the development of man spiritually, physically, mentally, economically and socially.  For this cause, God has raised this ministry.

Our purpose is: 
To proclaim the gospel be teaching of Jesus Christ which is “good news” to the lost or unsaved and encourage them to accept the Lord Jesus as Saviour by faith through grace and identify with a local assembly.
To make disciples by teaching of God’s word, nurturing and training the believers for the work of the ministry and encourage love for the written word.
To encourage members to develop a prayer ministry, both privately and congregational and through intercessory.
To encourage the manifestation and demonstration of the Gifts and the Fruits of the Spirit.
To demonstrate Christ in our conduct and service to the community and the world ministering to the whole man.
To come together for worship to the glory of God, which includes prayer, praise and preaching.
To encourage family unity and discourage the divisive powers of
To demonstrate love in action. 
To stand by our motto: "The Bible Our Authority . . . Souls Our